Fibreglass Swimming Pool Cleaning Systems

Q360 in-floor pool cleaning system for fibreglass swimming pools
Introducing the Evolution of the In-Floor Pool Cleaning System
3 Year Parts Warranty on the complete Q360™ System

The Modernized, Innovative Re-Thinking of the Way an In-Floor Cleaning System Operates

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Turbine Powered
  • Aerospace Engineered
  • Maximised Flow Rate
This simplified yet advanced design ensures the maximum possible flow rate to the in-floor cleaning Jets with minimal restriction and back pressure.

Gear Driven Simplicity
  • Direct Power Transfer
  • Dependable Operation
Our unique gear engineering smoothly transfers power from the turbine to the ports with minimal friction, allowing the maximum possible flow rate to the In-floor cleaning jets. The open gear design allows for effective pass-through of debris. greatly minimizing annoying cleaning system disruptions and lowering maintenance costs.
Pressure Safe Valve
  • Robust Engineering
  • Non Corroding Fabrication
Innovative pressure-safe valve design protects your system by ensuring that one port is always open. Large 2" Inlet and (6) 2" ports maximize flow rate. Glass reinforced space-age molded construction weathers the elements and is saltwater/chemical friendly. See-through lid design allows for inspection of turbine and gears without the need for disassembly.

Cleaning Jets
  • 360° 14 Point Rotation
  • Dual Port Option
The In-floor mounted cleaning jets rise successively to sweep debris from the pool floor and steps, then lower to flush when finished, becoming virtually invisible. 360° rotating jets evenly distribute cleaning power and increase the circulation of your pool water. Choose from six different jet colors to custom coordinate with your pool's finish.

Engineered for Today's Modern Pump Systems

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The Blue Square™ Q360™ ln-Floor System cleans your entire pool automatically, even while you swim' Eliminates the clutter of crawling vacuums and their hoses. 3600 rotating heads clean the entire pool, enhance circulation and evenly distribute water - great for heated pools in cool climates and overall energy savings.