Swimming Pools Manufacturing Process

The layers in Conquest Pools
POLYCOR® gelcoat pool finishes offer exceptional water and chemical resistance, as well as long lasting UV stability. Produced in colour and texture combinations formulated to co-ordinate with your architectural setting.
The Swancor Vinyl Ester laminate layer is your peace of mind. Although you don't see it, chemical resistance and waterproofing is ensured in this layer, along with your pool's surface integrity.
The Swancor sealcoat is absolute industry best practice. A fibre-free skin layer, for unbeatable chemical resistance, waterproofing and bonding to our structural laminate layers. The Swancor sealcoat is a pure vinyl ester resin layer. Pools are manufactured with a second sealing of the vinyl ester integrity layer. This layer prevents osmosis from entering the structural layer of your pool and is one of the reasons manufacturers can offer a 25 year structural pool guarantee.
Structural layers support the pool structurally more than any other layer. This guarantee's that all pools exceed Australian standards.
Final seal coat layer seals the shell, making it impervious to any moisture and protects your pool from earth elements.